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The snow guardian, or the hermit who inadvertently recorded climate… For more than 40 years, billy barr lived alone in the Colorado mountains keeping track…. Anjanette abayari naked. The epitaphs of 7 explorers who disappeared without a trace The tragic, inspiring stories of explorers who roamed the planet in search of unknown territories,….

So far the press coverage has emphasized the action rather than the literature. Hysterical literature copy. June 18, at 2: On the beauty and metaphor of the astrolabe A powerful object worked simultaneously as a guide to the cosmos and to the infinite…. What I'm interested in is the battle the individual has between mind and body, and where the front line is, and how I can manipulate it. Foot fetish model. And more than mildly surprised the names "Saatchi" and "Freedman" don't appear somewhere in the fine print: Step into an interactive map made from the songs of….

I think I'd be up for it. Fette reads "The Loser" by Thomas Bernhard. I'd totally do this. And Alicia, now sweaty and smiling, closes the book, repeats her name and ends the session with Whitman.

I liked Stoya's the best, tbh.

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Of course I'm such a nerd I had to check which books they read first! X - Writings ''82 pdf composer writer theorist ambient music monoskop. Sex angle pdf. Alicia looks at the camera, introduces herself and opens a book. Fette reads "The Loser" by Thomas Bernhard. Man, I love Stoya. Hysterical literature copy. I stumble over a word, my concentration breaks as I go back to pronounce it correctly.

We could all post very specific sections of erotica or not, but that sounds less fun and the challenge is that you have to be reading the passage while masturbating or take a picture of something naughty you're wearing while reading or something. Welcome to our second installment of Hysterical Sound. Sounding Out Tarima Temporalities: Notify me of new posts via email. Hot naked selfies. In doing so he troubles the dichotomies raised by the project, dichotomies between masculine visual pleasure and feminine aurality, between language and bliss.

Why Does the Universe Exist? Leo Tolstoy on the paradox of love and time. Beliefs are powerful metaphysical forces.

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I know everyone loves her, but from the little I've seen, she seemed so fake: Osvaldo Oyola Sound Off! Violent Circuits, Contentious Voices: If you liked this post, you may also dig:. Reply Parent Thread Link.

Yeah, the Stoya episode was so awkward I had to turn it off. Video contains repulsive violation Video contains sexual content Video is pending for moderation.

That video just made me love her more. Leaves of Grass by Walt Whitman. An unseen assistant distracts her with some buzzes down there. Hysterical literature copy. Step into an interactive map made from the songs of…. You are commenting using your Twitter account.

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