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The lock is so small and yet it prevents me from removing this collar without the key which Master keeps in His pocket. Hill billy girls. Happily, however, we are occasionally able to retain younger bucks when they graduate from college.

Keep sending them my way! The secret is in controlling their sexual releases so that, by the time they are allowed to spend their seed, they would fuck just about anything. Tumblr naked slave. Michael gets ridiculously excited …: If not, let me know. Stone horse with My love calamitystephsociopathe. Coed confidential season 3. Set 2 of 2. The everything must be perfect for the buyers. I could never do this. I was a little nervous myself as one is always aware of noise in an hotel room and screaming would not have done us any favours.

Download video clips at: Maybe there is something particular about the BlueStar Plantation style of slavery that appeals particularly to the uber-submissive male?

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But over the last few years we have taken on students as slaves. Retro nude photo. Have you accepted your place as an object to be owned cunt? This is the blog of the BlueStar Plantation, a very private farm in England where consensual adult slaves - both male and female - are kept, worked and mated.

September 27, exhibitionistlover notes. Also happily, finding new stock of bucks, if not bitches is actually easier now than when I started, all thanks to the internet. My first acquisitions were all out of college, in established jobs with their own homes.

Stripped naked, she was warm and safe behind the glass", url: The only hope the females have in 20 years is that every day and night they will mostly be fucked in the mouth. Tumblr naked slave. If a client is present for a commercial breeding arrangement, that would take place at a time to suit him or her and we would not usually invite others to observe. Sometimes a slave needs its mouth washing out if it uses inappropriate language. We do get other requests from people who are clearly not very serious.

We have webcams in the accommodation lived in by older slaves basically their own former houses, where installation of such equipment is easy. Makes me hard. Even if the padlock were cut off, You would still know when they next turned up at the plantation with a different lock that required a different key….

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The old man is pleased: I still love this tie. Farm for girls training. If my owner wants to only fuck my ass, I will be an anal only whore. No, I make the choices. Which was nice of her. Tumblr naked slave. October 02, exhibitionistlover notes. Kept naked and chained in a small cell in his basement until he is ready to play with her again.

Each word you say to her is written upon her very heart, and soul. Fat sluts pictures. He likes her sad face—he knows how to make it sadder. Fate is in the hands of irma. Photo reblogged from White Slavery is Real with notes.

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