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Can you give a bit more of a hint than that??? It was all chrome and glass, with mirrored walls adorned by neon sculptures and mirrored etchings; the dominant colors were purple and gray. Red nose twerk. Since the mids, there have been a number of attempts to remake this film, with no success, to date December , the remake still resides in development hell. Logans run nude scene. Carousel in the beginning of the movie is Capricorn The waterfalls and steps that Logan jumps into to get back into the dome are the "active pool" of the Water Gardens, located in Ft.

The costumes were originally designed to be much more revealing, but that meant spending much more on makeup for exposed skin. An anamorphic system that resulted in the lowest amount of distortion, when originally released.

Michael York initially didn't think the movie was for him. Xnxx mature tits. At the Academy Awards , the film won a Special Academy Award for visual effects, tied with the remake of King Kong , indicating Logan's Run made its mark in visual and special effects that few previous science fiction films had the money for.

Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: More from our network. Their full character names were actually Logan 5 and Jessica 6 respectively. I believe "Logan's Run" was officially released theatrically in the US on June 23, nationwide - in it's present 'cut' form. Michael York kept the robe as a souvenir after filming. Anyone who didn't comply was considered a coward.

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He gave the above talk at Boing Boing 's Ingenuity summit in San Francisco a while back, listing the best and worst computer interfaces in science fiction — and Logan's Run counts in the "best worst" category.

So he starts to tune the device in. New girl cece naked. Any chance of that statue scene being put back in at some point, I wonder?

The circuit provides access to randomly selected sex partners. And everyone knows that giant slugs like their slave girls scantily clad ew. Please add the ending Please add a plot summary. Logans run nude scene. To an eleven-year-old boy at the time, this was something special indeed!! I'm going to have to watch the movie again Alas, this is hardly the only, or the most egregious, case of gratuitous nudity or scanty costuming in science fiction. Does anyone else remember seeing this? Logan and Jessica go back to try to free the people still caught in the machine, and succeed really quickly, but there is still no explanation; the people just are free and the city is destroyed.

You are currently viewing our community boards as a guest which gives you limited access to view most discussions, articles and access our other FREE features. Not only did we get to see Len Whiting's bare bottom and a quick peek at Olivia Hussey's breasts, within a week the assistant principal had to get on the loudpeaker system and tell us to stop "playing Montagues and Capulets in the school corridors!

This was back in the day when G didn't necessarily mean Disney kids-only and PG was a bit more riske'. Atlanta nude girls. Hated the series with a passion, though - it's easy to see why it destroyed the franchise.

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Logan finds that the ankh symbol is actually a key that unlocks an exit from the city. We get an idea of how this society exists right away, and we quickly see the seedier or more nefarious side in the form of the Sandmen and the computer who seems to be in charge. Nolan invites readers into his dark universe". I must look at that. Jessica gets naked and Logan takes off his shirt but not his pants. Logans run nude scene. It never occurred to me at the time it would be possible to do this.

Retrieved 8 June News Oct 4, However, the review complimented York and Agutter as "gifted". Alice Eve Possible justification: Post-production took eight months, including completion of the score. Show me a naked women. Again, thank you for the trip down memory lane.

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